Sprayed concrete for rock support

The national to annex to NS-EN 14487-2+NA “Sprayed concrete – Part 2: Execution” sets out qualification requirements for key personnel involved in sprayed concrete work covered by the standard. It requires the qualifications of the foreman/tradesman (“bas”) and sprayed concrete manager to be documented. For each function there are requirements relating to prior knowledge, supplementary courses and experience of equivalent work depending on the execution class. The Norwegian Council of Concrete Competence issues certificates to confirm that the standard’s qualification requirements have been met based on the documentation presented.

The Norwegian Council of Concrete Competence issues certificates within the following competence classes:

SBL2Sprayed concrete manager in execution classes 1 and 2, foreman/tradesman (“bas”) in all execution classes
SBL3Sprayed concrete manager in execution class 3

The following supplementary courses are approved and must be completed and passed:

U1Practical concrete technology for production and quality control managers, and foremen/tradesmen (“bas”)
S2Sprayed concrete for rock support for engineers, sprayed concrete managers, and foremen/ tradesmen (“bas”)